Our Birth Classes give you a wealth of information, support and resources so you can be prepared to love your birth! Our instructors are Doulas and have that extra compassion that women need during this amazing journey. We are here to teach, encourage, and root for you! We have payment plans so that everybody can love their birth!

Doula Services


A Doula will be like having a warm cup of tea with your best friend each time you meet! They provide information, resources,  comfort and encouragement during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum depending on the package you choose. They are creative, compassionate, loving, and resourceful! A Doula will help you every step of the way so that you can have the most comfortable and memorable birth! *Doulas can not diagnose, treat, or offer medical advice and will refer you to your doctor for those questions. We have three options to fit every budget!

Maternity portraits


You will want to remember this! Your beautiful growing belly!  Let us help you document this amazing experience so that when you look at your portraits you can almost feel that baby kicking!  Our photographer can capture the love in your smile as you look down at your baby belly in awe. She is stunningly talented, respectful,  experienced, and creative. I can almost guarantee your photos will bring you to tears, in a GOOD way! 



Just as important as the growing belly, is that beautiful face of an angel you just gave birth to! Capture those first moments of life when baby is still scrunched up in that fetal position.  Remember how tiny those toes and fingers are! That baby face changes so quickly in the first few weeks, and you don't want to miss a thing! Document the love of a new family or a growing family and remember that moment forever with gorgeous and stunning photographs! You will need more wall space for these babies! ;)



We offer a one time "nesting" cleaning of your home.  It's approximately two hours and we can tailor it to your needs! Bathrooms, Kitchens, Help with the baby's room... You name it, we can give you the peace of mind by helping you to ready your home for your precious new baby! We only use all natural cleaning products, safe for the whole family!



So you had that special birthday and you brought baby home... Now what?  We can help you get settled in, organized, and help out with errands, grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, light household cleaning and more! We are here to make your transition easier! You can also use this service to help with baby while Momma showers or takes a nap! We've got your back!

Services Continued

Lactation educator


Having difficulty breastfeeding?  Experiencing pain? Wondering if your baby is getting enough?  Having trouble latching baby? These are all common questions even the most experienced mother may face.  Don't struggle, ask for help!  Our experienced lactation consultant can guide you to success so that you and your baby can relax and enjoy each other!



Even on your best day as a Mom, we sometimes still doubt ourselves.  Trying to become pregnant, becoming pregnant for the first time, experiencing the challenges of pregnancy, anticipating the birth of your baby, transitioning after you bring baby home, adjusting to life as a single mom, helping siblings adjust, helping Dad adjust, feeling sadness or feeling overwhelmed after baby is born...these are all common struggles we may experience from time to time and it's ok to ask for help! We are here to support you so that you feel empowered, encouraged, and confidant! We want to partner with you to create strong Parents who in turn create strong families and strong communities! It takes a village!


We have scheduled a birth class for Saturday June 1 from 10-12 and Sunday June 2 from 1-3.

Stay tuned for our new classes and events!

We look forward to you joining us!



We are so excited about our new classes! The first 12 couples to sign up will receive a 10% discount and a chance in our raffle to win a New Momma or a New Baby Kit! Don't wait! Save your spot in our class and LOVE YOUR BIRTH!



We will share our birth announcements here as they come!  Check back soon!



We have a bunch of new offerings on the horizon! Check back soon for new classes like prenatal yoga, meditation and sibling classes!